What is Forsage – The Cryptocurrency Platform?


Forsage – The Cryptocurrency Platform

Forsage is a company that makes transfer of cryptocurrency between digital wallets easy, it is a Smart Contract program that let’s participants earn in crypto. The Smart Contract is a
blockchain technology which is a non breakable contract. What this simply means is that if for any reason Forsage closes up or gets any issue in the future then it will not affect individuals as it will still function properly. No person can tamper with the normal processes of the platform.

Forsage is the first Smart Contract for Ethereum and Tron networks, the Forsage concept was
created by a couple of crypto enthusiasts and is a community filled members of the platform.
Joining The Platform
Joining this platform is quite easy and stress free, all you need to do is download(on your
device) a crypto wallet and the telegram app, then you proceed to register either for Ethereum
or Tron. You need 0.05 ETH to register for Forsage Ethereum and 200 TRX to register for
Forsage Tron, both amounts will be sent to the smart contract to enable you gain access to the
two platforms available.
Forsage works with all crypto wallets available but for ethereum, Coinbase and Metatask wallet
is highly recommended. For Forsage Tron, visit the link to finds out more
https://www.tronlink.org , those are the most popular wallets in use.
After picking a wallet you fund it then proceed to the Forsage website to sign up.
 There’s no limit to the amount of people you can refer on Forsage, the more people you
refer the more money you make on the platform.
 There are levels on forsage, when you unlock a new level you keep earning from the
previous levels and the current one as well.
Earning on Forsage is quite straightforward referral system, there are three ways to earn from
Forsage which includes: Direct Referrals, Spillovers and Overflows.
 Direct referrals: You earn money on forsage when you refer people to the platform, the
more people you refer the more money you make.
 Spillovers: This comes from the earnings of the person that referred you.
 Overflows: This comes from the earnings of the people you referred to the platform.
Forsage lets you earn money even if you’re not referring a lot of people, this is where spillovers
and Overflows is involved. There are two matrices on the Forsage platform, the X3 matrix and
the X4 matrix, whenever you refer someone to the platform they’re placed on both matrices
and that in turn increases your earnings. The X3 matrix is specifically for encouraging

participants who are good at referring people to the platform. The X4 matrix is for Spillovers
and Overflows from uplines and downlines.
Forsage partner, you merely pay zero.05 ETH to participate within the matrix cycler positions.
The matrix systems used square measure 3×1 and 2×2. A 3×1 matrix needs you to fill solely 3
positions. On the opposite hand, a 2×2 matrix begins with 2 positions on the primary stage and
expands to four positions on the second stage.
For each matrices, you wish simply one purchase of zero.05 ETH. As you directly and indirectly
recruit Forsage affiliates, the positions within the matrices get stuffed. Once all the positions
during a matrix square measure full, a cycle commission starts, wherever the position that
cycles out of the matrix equally starts a replacement matrix of an equivalent size.
Forsage embraces cycle commissions in 2 cycler tiers, that work as follows:
A 3×1 matrix generates zero.05 ETH in gifting payments and starts a replacement 3×1 matrix.
Entry is 0.025 ETH of the initial zero.05 ETH furnish purchase.A 2×2 matrix yields zero.075 ETH
in gifting payments and starts a replacement 2×2 matrix. Entry is 0.025 ETH of the primary
zero.05 ETH furnish purchase.
In the 3×1 matrix, there’s automatic deduction of reinvestment fees, that keeps your slots
active as new partners be a part of your downstream structure. within the 2×2 matrix,
automatic downstream partner commissions instantly paid to your ETH case. Slot fees square
measure mechanically paid to your superior partner’s ETH case. after you register for the
primary time, there’s automatic entry into slot one on the 3×1 and 2×2 matrices.
Features of Forsage
 No Risk: This platform uses a Smart Contract which makes it impossible for participants
to loose money and also prevents anyone from making malicious moves on the
 Anonymity: As a participant you do not have to create a profile with passwords, ID’s and
the rest.
 Unlimited Access: Participants will always have access to the Forsage program at any
time and the matrix setting will continue for a long time as it uses a Smart Contract.
 Transparency: The past history of the Forsage data is available on the Ethereum
Blockchain and is verifiable.
 Cheap: It is inexpensive to join this program, you only need 0.05 ETH for Ethereum and
200 TRX for Tron.
 Secure: Your investment in the program is protected by the Forsage Smart Contract and
is scam free.
 Earnings: Making money on this platform is quite easy when you work hard and they’re
multiple ways to make money on the Forsage program.

 Flexibility: It is a flexible way of making money, no office hours, no weekly or monthly
targets, no pressure, work from anywhere in the world.

Forsage is a growing platform, and just like every other platform it has risks. Forsage let’s
you earn a high income when you put in the work. Its up to you to make the choice of
joining or not.

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