How the Russia/Ukraine War Affects Bitcoin?


How Does the Russia/Ukraine War Affects Bitcoin?

Yesterday’s episode of Good Morning Crypto! was one of the best so far.

Comments are being made:

– Nobody wants to go to war. To no one. In another world we are simple, today there is no room for wars, they cost too much;
– How to sell 42 million Bitcoins and push the price down;
– Wikipedia no longer has my support. The information in it is manipulated by the elite;
– Coinbase launches an easy way to track: Which politician is FOR Bitcoin and who is against. The pressure on politicians to be pro-crypto will only grow;
– Video cards are trash. Where will the computing power go after the Ethereum merge? Nowhere.
– One man solves the price of Money around the world;
– The casino is open: What the FED will do? Bet! 75 or 100 bps?
– 182 policies trade at profit. Guess who is on a loss? With 100 million they robbed us on the stock exchanges
– How do you solve the problem of inflation? With high unemployment and lowered asset prices! Pretty cool, huh?
– The difference between today and 2007? Debts are much more serious;
– The end is coming. We are on the verge of an abyss. There’s nowhere to run anymore. The problem is escalating to state level. There is no one to intervene and take the problem on their shoulders.
– FED announces 4.6% interest rates until the end of 2023! What happened to the FED’s expectations over the years?
– “The safest asset” – shares, collapsed by 30%;
– Inflation in Germany for manufacturers is 45%. Guess how much it will be for consumers tomorrow?
– Interest rates on 30-year mortgages jumped from 2.84% to 6.28% in 1 year. A $2,500 down payment a year ago could get you a $500,000 mortgage, and today you can get $350,000. What is the meaning of that?
– Property prices AFTER bank interest doubled in ONE year.
– This is the fastest increase in mortgage interest rates in the last 50 years
-The math is simple: America CANNOT hold these interest rates – the longer this goes on, the more of their 31 trillion debt transfers to the new interest rate
– Pound crude up almost 10% in 1 day against the Dollar. CMEs paused trading to calm the market and stop panic. Bitcoin doesn’t need saving, but the big fiat currencies do!
– Gold is at a new PEAK in its price! At least in poundy.
– Never before in the last 70 years have bond holders been so fucked up. WHO bought these bonds?! You. You just don’t know it.
– Who will tell pensioners that they are left without a pension?
– It’s elementary: When you can’t pay your loan installment you take a new loan to pay it. This is what the states are going to do.
– What happened to North Stream? Did the states turn it down? The Germans? The Russians? THE BULGARIANS?! Grandpa Biden warned he would be stopped 6 months ago.
– Panic leads to closures. The closures lead to printing. The printing to inflation. Inflation to tighten the belt – raise interest rates. Tightening is leading to a recession.
Panic is not free – and the payment bill has come.

At the beginning, we did a little administrative work: Picking the winners of the raffles for a free ticket to the conference on 15.10.2022.

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