Can You Mine Cryptocurrencies with Laptop and Intel GPU?


Question: I have a gaming laptop and Intel Processor GPU, which coins I can mine?


Short answer: You can’t mine cryptocurrencies with a laptop or with an Intel GPU.

Long answer,

You can’t mine cryptocurrencies profitability from a laptop, simply because Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other coins’ mining don’t utilize CPU as such anymore. Now it’s GPU dependent with AMD leading the race and Nvidia lagging behind it.

Also, you have to keep running the mining software for almost 24 hrs which might prove disastrous for a laptop as it would generate a lot of heat.

You can’t use integrated graphics so based on just your processor I would guess maybe 5-10 cents. You’ll use more electricity than you would make.

But hey, give it a shot. Just work with the gear you have, for now, that way when you realize it’s not worth the effort, no harm done and no money wasted (aside from a few high-ish electric bills.)

So, try yourself our but be careful, if you need your laptop for work or more important things, do not try crypto mining from your laptop to the point that you will literally burn your laptop’s motherboard.


If you are interested, here are the cryptocurrency mining pools that you can join and try out by yourself,

  • Cruxpool
  • Ethertrench
  • 2Miners
  • NiceHash
  • Whalesburg
  • Nanopool
  • Ethermine


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